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Join The River North Ice Fishing League

If you've ever been ice fishing you know that it's all about location. Location, location, location. You need to pick the right spot to catch all the fish and bring dinner home or else you're left empty-handed and eating a can of sardines!

When you join the River North Brewery Ice Fishing League you won't be left empty handed! We will provide you with the proper tools, equipment, and location to be a successful ice least when it comes to ice fishing at our taprooms!

As you probably know, our taprooms have been limited to to-go beers and patio beers only for about a month now. We've built wonderfully heated outdoor spaces for you to enjoy a pint or two in, no matter the weather, but it has become obvious that we all could use some fun when we're freezing our booties off over a Colorado IPA, so we introduced the River North Brewery Ice Fishing League!

This is a pristine ice fishing league with only the finest fishers involved. Are you interested, but know nothing about ice fishing? We guarantee this will be the best league you'll join all year. Here are the rules:

  1. Head out to either taproom when the daily high is below 40 degrees Fahrenheit...bundle up!

  2. Ask your bartender if you can join the Ice Fishing League.

  3. For every full pour that you consume outside on the patio, you catch a fish!

  4. Catch six fish, get a free crowler of the week! No substitutions. Can be combined with other fishing league cards (in case you forget one at home) and you do not need to catch all six fish in one trip!

  5. Once you catch six fish, turn in your card for your free crowler. Make sure to put your name on the back of the card (and email), so we can enter you in for a drawing at the end of the season!

The River North Brewery Fishing League is open to anybody and will continue even when indoor seating is allowed again. Gone are the days of sitting on buckets, staring down an empty hole for hours on end hoping to catch your dinner.

Make sure to follow our Facebook pages as we will post fishing days: River North Brewery and River North Brewery - Blake Street Taproom.

Here are our current taproom hours:

Washington Street

Wednesday - **Friday 3-7pm

Saturday 12-7pm

Sunday 12-5pm

Blake Street

Wednesday - Thursday 2-7pm

**Friday 2-8pm

Saturday 12-8pm

Sunday 12-7pm

** Both taprooms will be CLOSED New Years Day!


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