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Barleywine Month’s Grand Finale: BarleyWILD!

As April unfolds, we’re gearing up for one epic finale to Barleywine Month here at River North Brewery. Introducing BarleyWILD! A celebration dedicated to embracing the wonderful world of barleywines!

Save the date for Saturday, April 27th where we will be releasing a brand new barleywine, Soul of Time, alongside a lineup of 11 other barleywine varieties. Whether you’re a seasoned barleywine connoisseur, a #BIL fanatic, or just looking to explore a bold new brew, BarleyWILD is the perfect opportunity to dive in and discover something new.

Introducing Soul of Time, a captivating barleywine making its debut at BarleyWILD. Clocking in at 17.1% ABV, the rich maltiness and subtle hops come together in a symphony of flavors that will make you wonder, “Where has this been all my life?” The maniacal brew crew at River North created Soul of Time as the third barleywine installment in the renowned Decennial beer series, alongside it’s barley-soaked brethren, the venerable Father Time (our original barleywine) and 2023’s Death of Time, a fresh take on the black barleywine style. Soul of Time, on the other hand, explores the lighter side of barleywine, presenting with a stunning golden/copper hue in the glass. Crafted exclusively to release during BarleyWILD and ready to make a memorable entrance, Soul of Time will invite you to slow down, savor the moment and enjoy every sip. 

We're known for our love of brewing barleywines of every kind. This Saturday, get ready for an abundance of barleywines at both taprooms with 12 different barleywines at the Washington Street taproom and a half-dozen at the Blake Street taproom. To complement these rich and flavorful brews, we'll have food trucks on-site at both locations.

Want to reserve your spot for BarleyWILD?! Grab a free ticket HERE and get a free taster of any barleywine on tap that day! (Tickets are not required, but recommended because who doesn’t want free beer?!)

River North Brewery

Both Denver Taprooms

Saturday, April 27th 1:00pm

In the meantime, make sure to stop in for our other barleywine events this month, including:

  • Saturday, Apr. 13 – 2024 Barrel Aged Bucket of Bolts Release Party. Our quintessential, international award winning barleywine aged in fresh barrels from our friends at Spirit Hound Distillers. Pre-sale bottles are available HERE.

  • Saturday, Apr. 20 – The triumphant return of Double Barrel Aged Father Time. Clocking in at a stratospheric 19.5% ABV and aged first in Colorado Small Batch Whiskey, followed by Colorado Single Malt. This beer is not to be missed. Pre-sale bottles are available HERE.

  • Saturday, Apr. 27 - BarleyWILD! Here’s what will be on tap:

    • Soul of Time - NEW Copper Barleywine

    • Trinity of TIme - A blend of Father Time, Death of Time, and Soul of Time

    • 2023 Death of Time - Black Barleywine

    • 2024 Father Time

    • 2020 Father Time

    • 2016 Father Time

    • 2024 Double Barrel Aged Father TIme

    • 2023 Double Barrel Aged Father Time

    • 2024 Bucket of Bolts

    • 2024 Barrel Aged Bucket of Bolts

    • 2022 Bucket of Bolts

    • Surprise Barleywine Tapping #12


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