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Elevate Your River North Beer Experience with Exclusive Membership Perks!

After just releasing our last Single Cask bottle of 2023, we are getting ready to welcome new members into the Norther Society for 2024. Each year, we hand-select six oak barrels that complement our beer and set them aside for our exclusive membership society. Along with other fabulous membership perks, each Norther receives a reserved bottle of each of these six extraordinary beers, which showcase the unique character of a single barrel.

On top of the six reserved Single Cask beers, Northers get 20% off draft pours all day every day, poured into special Norther-only glassware, which all but guarantees the envy of your fellow taproom-goers. (So ask them to join, too!). Northers also receive a 10% discount on merchandise and to-go beer while they are at the taprooms. Wednesdays are also HALF-OFF draft beer for Northers, a weekly event that is not to be missed!

The annual Norther Holiday Party is a long-standing highlight of the Society, happening each December to celebrate another fantastic year of great beers with great friends. Indulge in vintage beers, free pints, and cheers with people you’ve gotten to know over the years at the taprooms. 

If you want to up your River North game to the max, joining the ultra-limited Noble Norther Society gets you a free pour every day of the week at the taprooms (except with the brewery is closed, of course), along with access to two invite-only bottle shares and a brew-day hangout with the River North crew. Noble Northers also get reserved bottles of a special edition Noble-exclusive Single Cask beer, our rarest beer release of the year.

Sign up for the 2024 Norther Society and start getting your membership perks today - beer and River North merch make for a great holiday gift!


6 Single Cask bottles

20% off draft pours all day, every day

Annual Norther Holiday Party

10% merch discount

10% to-go beer

50% off Wednesdays at both taprooms

Exclusive Facebook group and Newsletter

Complimentary cellar storage


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