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Founded in 2012,

we were the first brewery to open in RiNo after the departure of Flying Dog in 2007, taking over the same space they brewed in at 2401 Blake Street. At the time, the neighborhood was just starting to stir from its dilapidated slumber, a sign of things to come.


A former mechanical engineer and avid homebrewer, Matt focused on Belgian-style beers early on. Led by our original flagship, River North White, we gained a reputation for dry, yeast-driven beers – everything from saisons to quadrupels to Belgian-style double ipas. We also established a barrel program right away, releasing four barrel-aged beers our first year, setting the stage for the future.

By 2015, the brewery had grown to capacity, with 16-ounce cans and 22-ounce bombers distributed throughout the Front Range. But that year, the owner of 2401 Blake Street sold the entire block, to be demolished to make way for apartments. 

On short notice, we found our home at 6021 Washington Street, which we all worked tirelessly to build and open in April of 2016. But the move had perks as well – extra space to expand into new styles, and the chance to change our package formats.

In 2019, we opened the doors to our taproom back in the RiNo arts district, returning to our namesake and expanding even more.

Now you know our story, enjoy a pint. Find our Beer Around Colorado!

Want to know what's on tap? Head to the taprooms!

Out of state and need our beer?! Tavour's got you.


Flagship Beers (not guaranteed to be on tap at all times):


Belgian-style witbier. Classic, well balanced. Very dry, crisp, clean and citrusy, no coriander or orange peel added.

5.0% ABV


German-style lager. fermented low and slow in the old world tradition. No yeast character. 

5.3% ABV

Raspberry Soiree

Raspberry kettle sour. dry, Berliner weisse style sour with raspberries added; tart, drinkable and approachable. Balanced acidity.

5.5% ABV

Colorado IPA

West Coast-style IPA. Dry and bitter, citrus and pine with stone fruit.

7.5% ABV


Mountain Haze

New England-style (Hazy) IPA. Brewed with an avalanche of hops. tropical, citrus and melon flavors.

6.5% ABV

Fifteener Double IPA

West Coast-style Double IPA. Super light, malt forward, dry and drinkable.

10% ABV

Hop-A-Tronic Lupulositor

New England Style (hazy) Double IPA. Featuring rotating hops. Citrusy, floral, tropical.

8.4% ABV

J. Marie

Imperial Saison. German and Belgian malts, fruity and classic. Peppery notes, heavy stone fruit, apricot and nectarine flavors. Boozy with Slight heat present.

8.1% ABV


Mr. Sandman

Barrel Aged | Variants

American Imperial Stout. Hints of coffee, chocolate, vanilla and caramel in a moderately roasted stout.

11.2% ABV


Nightmare Fuel

Barrel Aged

Coffee Imperial Stout. It’s our Mr. Sandman with a caffeine loaded kick!

12.9% ABV



Barrel Aged |Variants

Belgian-style Imperial Stout. Bitter and dry tasting, roasty and dark.

11.1% ABV


Barrel Aged

Belgian Quad. Dark fruits, figs, plums, raisin flavors with a medium body.

10.5% ABV



Barrel Aged

Motor Oil Thick Imperial Stout. Dark chocolate, stone fruit, vanilla. Chewy, thick and dark.

15% ABV


Last Guardian

Belgian Golden Strong. Huge Belgian yeast flavors, maltier saison, chewy, Belgian candy sugar with a Warming finish.

15% ABV


Father Time

Barrel Aged

Barleywine made in the English strong ale/winter ale tradition. Heavy in classic English esters, berries and dark fruits such as figs and raisins. Carmel and Crystal malts.

16% ABV

God Complex

Barrel Aged

Belgian Quadruple, A node to a traditional Belgian quad, raisin, banana, stone fruit flavors. Perfect as an after dinner dessert.

16% ABV

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