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We're on a Winning Streak!

Our international award winning streak in Japan, Brussels, Nashville (World Beer Cup) continues with Australia. We took one gold and two silver medals in Australia’s largest beer competition, the Australian International Beer Awards. The winning beers included some of our brew team’s favorite beers: Bucket of Bolts (Gold), Midnight Hike (Silver), and Snowburn (Silver).

*Photo Credit Living The Stout Life

Just last month, we took home two medals at the World Beer Cup, held this year in Nashville. World Beer Cup is the largest beer competition in the world, making our gold and bronze medal wins the most prestigious in the brewery’s eleven year history. We earned a gold medal for the fan-favorite Midnight Hike imperial chocolate porter and a bronze medal for Snowburn wheatwine, a wintertime staple at our Denver taprooms.

Coming off the monumental two-medal win at World Beer Cup, we are also celebrating late-2022 wins at the Brussels Beer Challenge and Japan International Beer Cup. We earned two silver medals and one gold in Belgium. One of our most well known beers, Nightmare Fuel, which first debuted in 2015, took gold in the coffee beer category. Barrel Aged Bucket of Bolts and Midnight Hike followed up with silver. 2022 makes for a repeat win across the Atlantic for us. We earned a bronze for Milk Chocolate Mr. Sandman at the Brussels Beer Challenge in 2021.

Other notable wins came at the Japan International Beer Cup last October with six awards: Hello Darkness, Midnight Hike, Adrift on the Baltic, Bucket of Bolts, Twilight Hike, and Sunburn all getting recognition as exceptional examples of their styles.


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