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Double Barrel Aged God Complex: May 14th

What is it called when you take a Quadrupel Ale and age it in two barrels? This Double Barrel Aged God Complex is grand enough in complexity with it being aged in two barrels, coming out at 20.8% ABV, making it our third imperial beer to reach over 20%.

When we started our barrel program ten years ago, we never thought we'd get to the point where we would be aging beers in multiple barrels over time, crafting a whole program around what has become one of Colorado’s finest barrel-aging program. With 2022 marking a big ten-year anniversary for us, we've been knocking out some of our finest and highest gravity beers all year long, with the next release a 20.8% ABV double barrel aged quadrupel ale.

God Complex came about at the beginning of the Decennial series, a series of four beers that were well crafted and designed to be aged for 10+ years always released towards the end of the year with other styles such as a barleywine and imperial stout. God Complex has grown in popularity as people recognize quadruples as a fine Belgian style of beer that has overcome centuries of craft beer in the making. The Decennial series has been put to stop as the brewery transitions to Vicennial series every year, the barrel-aged version of Decennials.

This Double Barrel Aged God Complex comes to 20.8% ABV, the highest marks for God Complex…so far. Aged in Colorado Bourbon first, followed by Colorado Single Malt barrels, and yet the barrels are quite subdued. You’ll get notes of caramelized sugar and sweet candy sugar, followed by a slight burn. This sweet, dark beer could be perfect for aging in your cellar, which means you should probably pick up a couple of bottles of this limited release on Saturday, May 14th where it will be on tap and in 375ml at both taprooms.

Saturday's food trucks

Blake Street: K and D Kitchen

Washington Street: Black Diamond Apizza


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