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Vicennial Releases: BA Shadowman, God Complex and Father Time

We've done it again: Barrel Aged Vicennial’s Shadowman, God Complex and Father Time are all being released into the world at both taprooms Saturday, November 16th at noon. These three beers have been aging in barrels and the barrels have made the call…it’s time to be enjoyed by the people! Meant to be aged for 20 years, both taprooms will have all three on tap and in bottles to go while supplies last.

Father Time, with an ABV of 16.9%, is an old ale with notes of caramel coming off of the nose immediately coupled with sweet biscuit flavors that might make you want to eat breakfast for a second time that day. Old ales are growing in popularity with their dark, malt portfolio that not everyone is aware of, sometimes also known as “winter warmers” and are a common English style ale.

Shadowman, our Imperial Stout sits at 15.5% ABV and has become a hidden gem in Denver’s stout scene. With its rich, chocolatey, roasted and complex barrel flavors, this barrel aged stout is nothing to joke about.

Last but definitely not least is God Complex, the Belgian quadrupel. A node to a traditional Belgian quad, you will find raisin, banana and stone fruit flavors exist throughout the entire beer from the beginning. 17.8% ABV makes this the most sip-worthy beer that is perfect as an after dinner dessert as it is sweet and decadent.

All bottles will be released at both taprooms for $16.00 each while supplies last and is recommended for aging 20 years. Both taprooms will also have Shadowman, God Complex and Father Time on tap for your tasting pleasures. Stop by 3400 Blake Street or 6021 Washington Street for these limited release beers.

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