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Beer Release: Vanilla Bourbon Mr. Sandman

One of the beers that River North Brewery has come to be known for is Mr. Sandman. An imperial stout, this robust brew has roasted malts with an American ale strain. We've done a lot of varieties of this award winning stout and are ecstatic about how this version came out. Introducing to you Mr. Sandman bourbon barrel aged imperial stout brewed with vanilla beans.

Aged in some of our very best bourbon barrels that we determined were fit for the addition of vanilla beans, this stout sounds like it would be too sweet to drink eight or more ounces of but it turns out that the well balanced characteristics of the bourbon barrels makes it not sweet and yet, not bitter. Right off the bat it has a rich, vanilla nose and one sip in you get the bourbon flavors.

Just LOOK at the creamy, cappuccino colored head that this beer produces with this midnight black beer. It's as beautiful in appearance as it is in flavor! You can look forward to enjoying this beer on tap and in bottles to go Saturday, September 14th at both taprooms.

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