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Seventh Anniversary Bash *UPDATE*

Who’s ready to party?!? Preparations for this weekend’s Seventh Anniversary Bash are in full swing. Get ready for four unique variations of Mountain Haze, and a whopping SEVEN barrel-aged monstrosities on tap side-by-side starting at Noon this Saturday, February 16.

Now for the question you have all been asking: what are the details on Anniversary Ale 7?!? A quick update on that…

Anytime a brewer undertakes a new style, there is risk. Even riskier is attaching an exact release date to that new style.

For this year’s birthday beer, we brewed a Belgian-style bière brut nearly a full month ago. A champagne-esque golden ale with sauvignon blanc grapes, we were certain we had given ourselves enough time. We were, well, mistaken. What can we say? Rest assured, the beer is tasting great…it’s just not quite ready.

As of today, Anniversary Ale 7 was still in the tail end of fermentation. Rather than rush to release an unfinished brew, the proper move is to let the yeast run its course. So while sometime later this month we will have a ridiculously dry, bubbly birthday beer for you, it will not be a part of the official anniversary party. As they say, the beer tells you when it’s done.

But fear not, the festivities this weekend will go on! When we open at Noon this Saturday, the Seventh Anniversary Bash will include:

SEVEN barrel-aged beers on draft – for starters, we'll tap:

  • 2017 Vicennial I: Barrel Aged God Complex

  • 2017 Vicennial II: Barrel Aged Shadowman

  • 2017 Vicennial III: Barrel Aged Father Time

  • 2017 Whiskey Barrel Quandary

  • 2017 Barrel Reserve

  • 2017 Fancy Effing Stout

  • 2018 Mr. Sandman XO

Throughout the day, we will also feature the following Mountain Haze variants on tap and in Crowlers to go:

  • Galaxy Mountain Haze – tapping at Noon!

  • Nelson Sauvin Mountain Haze – tapping at Noon!

  • African Queen Mountain Haze

  • Idaho Gem Mountain Haze

When doors open, we will also feature a birthday cake and beer pairing with Good Sugar Baking, and El Taco Veloz will be out front with delicious street food all day.

And as always, once kegs start to kick, we’ll raid the cellar to replace them with more delicious brews.

So look forward to a brand-new champagne brew in the form of Anniversary Ale 7 later this month, but in the meantime, the party is ON!



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