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Big City Quad & Fancy Effing Stout

When it comes to barrel-aging, certain casks transform beers like no other. We’re talking cocktail barrels – namely, Manhattan. When we get these direct from distilleries, hints of vermouth and aromatic bitters lie dormant in the oak staves – in addition to a dash of whiskey, of course - just waiting to meld with some delicious beer.

The end result – two unique and bold barrel-aged concoctions: Big City Quad and Fancy Effing Stout. We are pleased to announce that this year’s vintages of both beers will debut side-by-side on Saturday, May 6th in the taproom! Both beers will be available on tap and in bottles to go, with the release party kicking off at Noon.

Big City Quad is a brazen take on an Abbey-style dark strong ale, an uptown exercise in ale opulence. Rich ruby candied Belgian malts meet oak and barrel, followed by notes of booze-soaked cherry and a pleasant lingering warmth. It’s like having a monk for a master mixologist.

On the darker side of the spectrum, Fancy Effing Stout presents strong with notes of anise and amaro, layered on dark roast malts rich with coffee and chocolate tones. This is the exotic brew to pull out of the cellar to impress the stout lovers, beer fanatics, and laypeople alike ….pinkies out!

One final note: cocktail barrels are increasingly hard to come by these days. Which sadly means this may be the last time you see these beers for quite a while. Both beers will have a one-case limit at $10 per bottle. Stock your cellar while you can…we certainly will!



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