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Barrel Blonde returns!

Born on a whim and now beloved by aficionados and brewers alike, Barrel Blonde holds a special place in our hearts. We take a fine Belgian blonde ale, age it in rye whiskey and Manhattan barrels, then blend it all back together. Admittedly, it’s a little more obscure than your usual barrel-aged offering, but ever since our first sip years ago, we’ve loved it.

This Saturday, January 28th at Noon, Barrel Blonde will return on tap and in bottles to go! This barrel-kissed delicacy will only be available in the taproom. None will make it to store shelves, as a mere 30 cases were bottled. Basically, we brew this beer for ourselves, but we know you’ll love it too. For this vintage, you can snag up to one full case at $6 per bottle.

Brightly dancing on the tongue, Barrel Blonde melds citrus and light Belgian esters with just a touch of barrel character. It leads with soft white oak on the nose, reminiscent of flame-kissed coconut and tropical spices. A bite of Seville orange lingers on the tongue. The journey finishes lightly with subtle, rounded woody tannins and just a spritz of straight rye whiskey.

At 7% ABV, the experience is unlike any barrel-aged brew you’ve tasted before.

Come for the beer, stay for the food! Our friends from Roadrunner food truck will also be here with delicious New Mexican eats.

This one’s for those who enjoy a unique, nuanced ale with a touch of grace and layers of flavor, like a dream within a dream. Come see why Barrel Blonde has stolen our hearts.



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