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Annual Funk the Man Party!

What’s up party people?!? Time to bring back the funk. Our annual Funk the Man party is just around the corner…last October we dropped three barrel-aged sour bombs: Funk the Man 1, 2, and 3. Now this irreverent series returns with Funk the Man #4!

But that’s not all. The rumors of Mr. Sandman, a dreamy 12.8% imperial stout, are true. If you are one of the lucky few who tried our first anniversary beer in 2013, this one will bring back memories.


The party goes down Saturday, November 12th, with both beers on tap and in bottles to go. Doors will open at 11am for our monthly free yoga. At Noon, we will hand out numerical tickets and start slinging drafts. Bottles of both beers go on sale at 12:30pm. As an added bonus, stick around for a single preview keg of Barrel Aged Mr. Sandman! That’s the last keg in the house, not to be seen again til next year…

Funk the Man #4 is a barrel-aged brett and lacto saison with white tea and rose hips. It spent a full 32 months aging in barrels, setting a new record for our longest project to date. Ripe with tropical fruit notes and a bracing acidity, this fine brew finishes dry, beckoning you back for more. With only 50 cases in the world, Funk 4 will only be available in the taproom. Snag up to 6 bottles for $12 each.

Our second offering is Mr. Sandman, a straight-up imperial stout unlike any other. This silky, stealthy beast is Nightmare Fuel’s coffee-free counterpart. We’ve teased you with Mr. Sandman on draft before, but this is the first time we’ve done a full bottle release. Jet black yet surprisingly smooth, Mr. Sandman provides the perfect counterpart to round out our lineup for the release party. Snag up to 12 bottles to take with you at $10 each.

We’ll be blasting the funk on the amplifier all day in the taproom, and Mexican Street Grill will be out front to fuel your feet….come get down with us!



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