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B'Side Avarice

Back in 2012, before the RiNo neighborhood was the beast it is today, we got together with our neighbors at Mr. B’s Wine and Spirits for our first collaboration project, the B-Side series.

Now that we’re back up and running, it’s time to revisit this behemoth, with an added jolt.

B'Side Avarice storms on the scene Saturday, July 30th at noon!

An exercise in collaboration and community, B'Side Avarice is our bone-dry Belgian imperial stout, aged in High West Rendezvous Rye barrels for more than a year, then amped up with more than three pounds per barrel of local Logan House Coffee beans.

We got together with Logan House and Mr. B’s to select our choicest barrels to infuse with Logan’s Powder Day dark roast coffee. The result: quite possibly the best beer we've ever brewed. Copious chocolate malts, boozy spice from rye barrels, and the most robust coffee note you’ve had the pleasure of tasting.

We’ll have B'Side Avarice on tap and in bottles to-go during the release party July 30th. Only 168 bottles are available; take home up to three for $12 each. If you’re familiar with our B'Side series, you know how limited these beers are.

Oh, and if three bottles isn’t enough, you can score an additional bottle in advance from Mr. B’s. Check their post here for details.

We consider B'Side Avarice some of our finest work. We miss the old ‘hood, and while we will return to RiNo with a pilot taproom down the line, in the meantime, we’re honored to partner (once again!) with some of the neighborhood’s finest local businesses.

Cheers to Mr. B’s, Logan Coffee House, and all those fighting to keep RiNo local.


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