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Three Mr. Sandman variants for CBC!

GABF is looking different again this year but the competition rages on and with it is Craft Brewers Conference! To make the best out of all of it, we are releasing THREE different Mr. Sandman variants at both taprooms, Saturday, September 11th at 1 pm.

All three Mr. Sandman’s are unique in their own ways, providing you with the perfect three-pack of imperial stouts. The sweetest starts off with Milk Chocolate Mr. Sandman. This small-batch imperial stout is a chocolate milk lover’s dream with its deep, dark, chocolate notes and while it stays light on the palate it’s going to satiate those chocolate desires.

The second is similar but with an added kick to it: Mayan Chocolate Mr. Sandman. This is a well-balanced imperial stout that has a tad bit of heat to it and spice at the very end. With the lightly heated chocolate, those that enjoy their chocolate with a nice touch of heat to it will be pleasantly surprised at how well balanced this 11% ABV stout is.

Last but absolutely not least is Vanilla Bourbon Barrel Aged Mr. Sandman. A bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout brewed with vanilla beans is going to round out the other three Mr. Sandman’s nicely with its subtle notes of vanilla balancing out the bourbon that the imperial stout gets from the barrels.

All three Mr. Sandman’s will be available for sale in bottles to-go, including in three packs, as well as on tap starting at 1pm on Saturday, September 11th.


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