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New Release: Small Batch Aspen Wood Aged J. Marie

With Memorial Day coming up and the world seeming to get back to a new normal, we are excited to get the summer started with an Aspen Wood-Aged version of J. Marie, our imperial saison. We partnered with Locke and Co Distilling to provide the aspen wood for this small-batch release.

J. Marie, our long-time standing imperial saison, has always been a favorite of those seeking a farmhouse ale with traditional Belgian style flavors while partaking in an exceptionally higher ABV. This 9.9% ABV saison has so many flavors going on that you’ll want to bring this with you on all of your Memorial Day adventures this weekend.

This J. Marie will have the similar tastes of your traditional saison style with banana and clove, however the aspen wood added flavors of candy, wood, and oak along with those subtle saison tastes to make this a perfect aspen wood aged saison. You will be able to find bottles of this small batch J. Marie at both taprooms starting on Friday and it will be on tap for those that want to enjoy it straight from the tap!


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