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I Dream of Pumpkins. Or: How to Stop Worrying and Start Loving Pumpkin Spice Everything.

Pumpkin beers seem to gain in popularity every year, with breweries releasing their versions earlier and earlier despite 90 degree days still happening. Now that we’re almost into October, we have decided to join in on the fun, releasing two different pumpkin spice beers at what we've deemed a more reasonable time of the year.

We've been mixing up our imperial stout, Mr. Sandman, with different varieties such as toasted coconut, cinnamon vanilla, vanilla bourbon barrel-aged, and now that same stout is taking on a festive and fall approach: Pumpkin Spice. This tried and true spice has every baker going crazy with pumpkin spice everything and Autumn lovers rejoicing in their Ugg boots and hand-knit sweaters.

Pumpkin Spice Mr. Sandman is the perfect addition to fulfill all the Autumn feels with its robust, dark flavors and smooth body. The pumpkin spices combine perfectly with this beer to provide you with that warming sensation of being wrapped up in a blanket, adding to that undeniable need to stomp around some leaves and get outside for the required leaf peepin’ that Coloradans love so much. It’s an 11% ABV imperial stout, so hold onto those aspens while you sip this boozy fall beverage!

The other brew is also a staple for us. J. Marie, our beloved imperial saison, has been around for many years and has turned out to be quite a perfect base beer for additives such as pumpkin spice. The pumpkin spices in this imperial saison will be a nice treat for those that are more akin to Belgian beer and even wine drinkers. At 8.3% ABV, you’ll find this pumpkin-forward Belgian beer to be quite perfect for pumpkin patches and caramel apples!

Both beers will be released at the taprooms on Saturday, October 2nd. You will be able to grab 375ml bottles while supplies last after you taste them on tap.


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