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Introducing a Hoppy, Malt-Infused Seltzer Line: Seltzbier

In these trying times, we have decided it is time to join the craze of fizzy, alcoholic beverages with a new innovation in the seltzer world. Looking to expand beyond the traditional fruit-infused seltzer game, we have been perfecting a new generation of hard seltzers fermented from barley rather than cane sugar and flavored with the herb Humulus Lupulus, revered for its endless flavor varieties.

Introducing to you the first ever hoppy, malt-infused seltzer line: Seltzbier. You’ve had your fruity, bubbly seltzers, but something’s been missing. You just need more. Now’s your chance to taste a revolution in the seltzer world. You may never go back.

“We felt a bit limited by the dozen or so fruit flavors that have long dominated the seltzer world,” Brewery Founder, Matt Hess, said. “There are only so many combinations of fruit flavors. What’s next? Three fruits flavors in a single seltzer? It’s just a bit much.”

With four varieties, you will find a Seltzbier that fits your palate whether you’re looking for a lighter option or something more bold. Featuring Hoppy, Roasty, Sour and Malty varieties, these seltzers are a mere 100 to 900 calories, low to high ABV, and perfect to add some variety to your life when you’re ordered to Stay At Home.

Head Brewer, Derek Goodman, who has spent months perfecting the recipes, is confident that this new seltzer style will soon gain acceptance among the Seltzer Judge Certification Program (SJCP). “As with any new style of seltzer, it may take some time for a new flavor combination to be recognized as an official seltzer style,” Goodman said. “I think the seltzer speaks for itself.”

We feel we have gone above and beyond with our craft beverages and expect nothing short of bold, hoppy seltzers to take over the industry. Only available in Denver, Colorado starting April 1st.


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