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Milk Chocolate Stout Bottles: May 2nd

Pandemic making you go stir crazy? Have you tried to bake and cook everything that all your friends are posting on Facebook yet? Drank all the beer in your beer fridge already?!

We feel you. We've been busy brewing beers to keep our taprooms, liquor stores and grocery stores stocked all the while brewing specialty beers to release for you! Last week we released Cinnamon Vanilla Rum Barrel Aged Mr. Sandman and while that was perfect in every way possible (especially for sitting next to a fire on these cooler evenings), this week we have a new brew that we're anxious to share with you.

This Saturday, both taprooms will be stocked with Milk Chocolate Mr. Sandman for you to pick up in bottles. For $10, you'll get one 375ml bottle of this creamy, chocolatey imperial stout. This spiced imperial stout is 12% ABV, giving you plenty of room to drink some with friends or keep it all to yourself.

Here's a reminder of our taproom hours...

Washington Street

Friday 4-6pm

Saturday 1-4pm (12-1 for at-risk)

Blake Street

Tuesday - Friday 4-7pm

Saturday & Sunday 1-7pm (Saturday 12-1pm for at-risk)

AND another plug for our online store where you can pre-order the milk chocolate stout and more:


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