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B'Side Quandary release details

The B’Side project has always been about collaborating with fellow local businesses, celebrating the people and places that make Denver so awesome.

Which is why, next Saturday September 24th, we’ll release B’Side Quandary well in advance of the Great American Beer Festival, to ensure this ultra-rare brew stays in the hands of those who call Denver home.

Our signature quadrupel aged fourteen months in a single Laws Whiskey Barrel with black currants, B’Side Quandary will be one of our most limited releases to date.

The delicate malts of our dark strong ale form the perfect backbone to layer with rich whiskey and oak notes. While there are no souring bacteria in B’Side Quandary, the black currant lends a pleasant acidity, resulting in a deliciously vinous brew unlike any other.

With only a single whiskey cask to pull from, we bottled a mere twenty cases and filled a single five-gallon keg.

Your first chance to snag a bottle will be through our friends and partners at Mr. B’s Wine and Spirits. They will take email reservations starting Monday, September 19th at 3:03pm. Find full details here.

The taproom release will take place the following Saturday, September 24th. Similar to B’Side Avarice, we will open the doors at 11am and hand out sequentially numbered tickets. Bottle sales will start at Noon; each ticket entitles you to two bottles at $12 each. We will have the aforementioned single keg on tap as well. Due to limited availability, we sadly cannot fill crowlers of B’Side Quandary.

Cheers to Laws Whiskey House, Mr. B’s, and all those dedicated to keeping Denver genuine!


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