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Triple Cinnamon Mr. Sandman Imperial Stout: July 31st

Cinnamon is a great addition to many things: coffee, tea, any kind of baked goods like cinnamon rolls (obviously), even pizza crust and roasts. What’s another great combination, none other than beer with cinnamon?! We are releasing our Mr. Sandman imperial stout brewed with three types of cinnamon this Saturday, July 31st.

Don’t be discouraged by “triple cinnamon” and think that it’s going to be overpowered by cinnamon flavors. This Mr. Sandman variant has been brewed with three varieties of cinnamon sourced from the far corners of the world: Sri Lankan Ceylon, Vietnamese Cassia, and Indonesian Korintje. These three cinnamon varieties make this imperial stout sweet and vivacious with cinnamon notes that will dance around your mouth and give you a pleasant warm feeling that might make you wish it was Fall and you were wrapped up in a cozy blanket.

An 11% ABV imperial stout with a smooth, silky body is perhaps the best breakfast beer paired with cinnamon rolls and a cup of coffee on the side. Not that you need to save this beer for breakfast as it’s also perfect with your evening dessert paired with carrot cake or a dark chocolate cake.

Triple Cinnamon Mr. Sandman will be released on tap and in 375ml bottles at both taprooms starting Saturday, July 31st. If you haven’t had any Mr. Sandman, whether it’s the original, whiskey barrel-aged or another variant, you will be pleasantly surprised with this variety of our well-known imperial stout.


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