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The Decennial Series Welcomes a Fifth: Dark Sorceress

Our Decennial series is known for the complexity, uniqueness and robust beer styles that make up this four-part series. The four beers have been a mainstay for the brewery for years now, when the series was first released with God Complex, Shadowman, Father Time and The Last Guardian. Every odd year, the Decennial series is barrel-aged and released as the Vicennial series, which released in early November of this year as the third time brewing the barrel-aged series. This year, we will be adding a fifth in the non-barrel aged series: Dark Sorceress.

The Dark Sorceress is a spellbinding imperial porter that, at 15.2% ABV, will leave you feeling like you just received the most comfortable hug. At first sniff, and sip, you might immediately think that this is a chocolate porter due to the bittersweet cocoa aroma and flavors, however no chocolate was actually added to this clean dry finishing porter. Booze will also be at the tip of your tongue, followed by flavors of toffee, caramel, a touch of spice and dark fruits. It’s easy drinking and is not super sweet or heavy.

The Dark Sorceress can be aged for up to one decade, so you will want to pick up more than one bottle so you can taste them as they age! We will have this new imperial porter on tap and in 375ml bottles at both taprooms starting Saturday, November 11th at 1pm.

This is one of the last releases of 2021 and one that is not to miss! The very last release of 2021 is one that you’ll also be interested in as it is a benefit beer made with Colorado ingredients to support the local supply chain, small independent breweries and raise funds for the Colorado Strong Fund. Colorado Triple Strong releases at both taprooms Saturday, December 18th.


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