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Taproom Update: March 17th, 2020

To our loyal River North Brewery community,

This is very much an unsettling and hard time in our community and around the world right now. Nobody ever thinks they have to plan for something like this and we all have questions that not many, if anyone, has the answers to.

We cannot answer all of your questions as of right now. What we do know right now is that we are a community. We are a strong community full of love, kindness and respect for one another. This isn’t a time to make it about money, about popularity or possessions, it’s a time to band together and to give each other the strength we need to get through this. This isn’t just within our River North Brewery community either; our fellow breweries, restaurants and all of the service industry are hurting right now. We encourage you to reach out to every business owner, bartender, manager, brewer and everyone else that’s in the service industry.

It goes back to the very beginning for us, from the moment we opened our front doors for the first time at our taproom at 24th and Blake Street and went in swinging. You supported us when that taproom had to shut down. Without you, we wouldn’t have two operating taprooms along with a production facility. We committed to providing you not only with high quality products, but with a community where you can join us and bring that community together more and more. We were committed then, we’re committed even more now.

It is in these moments that we can’t forget all the hardships we have already gone through. We’ve created these spaces for you to gather together for good times and bad.

We have been told and recommended by governing forces that we should not be gathering together right now. We have to take the steps necessary in order to protect our community.

For now, we are changing our business model to reflect what is needed in this very difficult time. We will be offering to-go beer to be picked up curbside at both of our taprooms. We will have an online store for you to order your to-go beers before you get to one of the taprooms, but you can also email or call us to place those orders. We will have special bottle releases that can be picked up at our taprooms. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and on our website to stay up to date with what we’re doing during this time.

We cannot thank everyone enough for your continued support. Until we are able to open our doors for you to enjoy a draft beer in our taproom again, please look for our beers at liquor stores and grocery stores, order beer to-go from our taprooms, pick up merch and gift cards.

Things will be tight, but our goal is to minimize losses, keep jobs and provide for our loyal RNB community and beyond.

Blake Street Taproom: 720-236-8260

Washington Street Taproom: 303-296-2617

All the best to each and every one of you,

The River North Brewery Crew


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