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Take a Midnight Hike With This Chocolate Porter!

After starting off the year strong with the release of Single Cask Double Avarice, our next release is a more mellow, less boozy but just as delicious chocolate porter: Midnight Hike. Midnight Hike might not sound too appealing to those that don’t love the idea of headlamps being the only guiding light through a dark hike at the coldest hour, but this porter might make you feel ready for a midnight hike after all.

At 10.5% ABV, this chocolate porter has a dark brown body and a creamy, frothy head with roasted malts hitting the nose initially, followed by subtle hints of chocolate. The chocolate really comes out with your first sip along with hints of caramel and a smooth finish to end this ever so satisfying porter. Whether you’re a hiking enthusiast ready to hit the trail with the newest brew in your pack or you just need something to enjoy after a cold day, Midnight Hike is here for those needing a change of pace in their daily life.

Available in bottles and on tap at both taprooms this Saturday, January 16th, Midnight Hike is going to be your next #AdventureFuel for the rest of these cold months. Farm to Truck will be at the Blake Street taproom, serving up gourmet burgers, sandwiches, and more all day Saturday, while Team Biehl will be the food truck at the Washington Street taproom. Both taprooms open at noon and have plenty of indoor and outdoor seating for you to enjoy your beers.


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