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Our Vicennial Series is BACK, Over 15% ABV and With a Facelift!

Get a case discount when you pre-order a case before Saturday, November 13th!!

The third release of the Vicennial series is here for another year and is full of high-abv, high quality barrel aged beers that have been given a new facelift with a new brand associated with each individual beer style. The Vicennial, and Decennial (same four beers, not barrel-aged), series has become a mainstay for us, releasing Decennials on even years and Vicennials on odd years. No matter what kind of beer drinker you are, you are going to want (read: need) all four of the Vicennials…and if you can cellar them away, they’re meant to age for two decades. We suggest getting yourself a set to age, another set to share with friends and another for yourself to enjoy immediately! Mark your calendars for November 13th and plan to be at one of the River North Brewery taprooms for this year's Vicennial Series release.

God Complex is an infallible barrel-aged ale that has been aging in barrels for over 8 months and at 18.7% ABV, this beer is going to warm you right up immediately within that first sip. Aged in whiskey barrels, this quadrupel ale is the first in the Vicennial series but don’t take that lightly; it is one of the booziest, smoothest drinking quads you’ll experience. Do you have sugar plums dancing in your head yet?!

Shadowman, an enigmatic barrel-aged stout at 16.9% ABV is the second in the Vicennial series. With the deepest, darkest body of the four in the series, the burnt brown sugar laced head will have you anticipating that first sip even more. A roasted, soft nose gives way to this motor-oil thick imperial stout. Flavors of wood and whiskey blend in perfectly with this lightly toasted and mature stout.

Father Time is your classic barrel-aged barleywine for the ages. This whiskey barrel aged barleywine is 15.8% ABV, keeping it in line with your traditional “barleywine” style while it creeps up into the higher gravity that barleywines are most known for. Think molasses, toffee, bread and honey flavors.

A barrel aged series isn’t complete without a modest abbey-style golden ale, releasing for the first time ever in a barrel aged version! The Last Guardian is the highest gravity of the four, resting at 18.9% ABV. Complex fruity, alcohol flavors will have you reaching for the entire bottle right away.

Don’t let any of the higher ABV numbers scare you away from these beers that are meant to be slowly sipped and enjoyed over great conversation…preferably at one of the taprooms. Available on tap and in bottles, both taprooms will have them November 13th along with limited edition Vicennial t-shirts. Follow us on social media to see what other great things are coming down the line!


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