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Holiday Cellar Sale This Saturday!

For those last minute shoppers needing great gifts for their craft beer loving friends and family (or for themselves), our Cellar Sale will have what you are looking for! On Saturday, December 19th both taprooms are pulling bottles out of their cellar for you to purchase some rare beers that you might never see again.

Limited edition bundles will be available at a set price, giving you a variety of different brews to suit your fancy and get you through what might otherwise be a lackluster Christmas. Bottles range from some greats that were released at the beginning of the pandemic that you might have missed out on all the way beyond 2016, with rare beers that have been aging in a cellar, ready for you to pick up and either sit on for some more time or to open and indulge in now. You can expect to see some Quandary, Avarice, Mr. Sandman variants along with 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 Decennial/Vicennial sets just to name a few.

During the Cellar Sale there will also be discounts on River North Brewery merch and on barrels that are perfect for decorative pieces in your home or to use in your garden in the warmer months.

Those interested in joining the Norther Society will have the chance to sign up during the cellar sale! This is the first time we have offered the chance to sign up for our annual membership before the new year, and with limited spots available you'll want to get in on this membership that includes six bottles of their Single Cask program released throughout the year and discounts on beer and merch at both taprooms. It’s another great gift option for your beer loving family member or friend!

Both taprooms will have food trucks available Saturday: Washington Street has Bodega Cuban Kitchen and Blake Street has Tastebud Bully’s food truck. For more information on food trucks, upcoming releases and other events check out River North Brewery’s Facebook page, website, Instagram and Twitter.


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