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Double Cinnamon Double Avarice: May 16th

Did you know that there are two main categories for cinnamon? Here’s a crash course on cinnamon: Ceylon and cassia are the two cinnamon categories. They are differentiated by the way they are harvested, their taste, smell and the chemical compounds found within them. You might have heard of them because of their health benefits, or you’ve used them in your recent baking endeavors. We have discovered the perfect combination of both cinnamons and added them to our Double Avarice, our imperial stout that boasts flavors of roasted chocolatey malts, resulting in a spiced delight of a beer. Releasing this Saturday, May 16th at 1pm, both taprooms will have bottles available to-go for $12 each.

Avarice has been long standing in our lineup, always coming in at a high ABV, making a name for itself apart from other stouts with its wide variants and outstanding flavor profile. Currently, you can find both taprooms have Vanilla Avarice along with a Chili Chocolate version for those that want to add a little heat to their stout.

As a 17% ABV imperial stout, the Double Cinnamon Double Avarice might sound a little too spice forward with the “double” cinnamon, however both cinnamons offer a complex, yet subtle flavor addition to this dark malty beer that is perfect for summer nights camping in the mountains or enjoying on your patio after a walk around the neighborhood as the sun’s going down.

Both taprooms are open with limited hours and offerings of beer to go that you can pre-order online or stop by to pick up in the form of cans, bottles and crowlers. Not into stouts? Try one of their lighter options such as River North White, FarmHouse, Mountain Haze or Soiree. For more information on to-go hours, available beers and upcoming releases, head to


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