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Dogtoberfest: A Dog-Themed Oktoberfest with Festbier!

Known as a vibrant city with breweries, a great food scene, and tons of local art, Denver is also known for being one of the most dog-friendly cities in the country. It only makes sense that we would host a dog-themed Oktoberfest on September 10th, highlighting not only dogs but the release of Festbier, our take on an Oktoberfest-style lager.

To kick off Dogtoberfest, we will be releasing Festbier, a deep gold lager that provides a sweet and moderate maltiness to it with a very low hop profile. Some might pick up notes of floral and bread dough, which makes it the perfect beer for giant pretzels, frequently found at Oktoberfest celebrations, including at both taprooms for the weekend. Festbier will be available on tap, in liters, and in cans at both taprooms.

Beer isn’t the only way we will be celebrating this year’s Dogtoberfest though! Our Washington Street taproom is bringing back the beloved Alpine Horn Competition. Fetch Photo Truck, Clover Dog Co. and two local dog rescues will all be on-site and ready for you to get your full dog fix.

Fetch Photo Truck’s customized trailer will be at the Washington Street taproom from 2-5 pm for a mini-dog photoshoot (signups are required). Featuring a galaxy backdrop, Fetch Photo Truck works on “capturing the inherent character of your pet with a beautiful natural photo in a stress-free, easy photo shoot.”

Clover Dog Co. specializes in fruit and veggie-packed treats that are formulated for sensitive pup tummies, and they will have treats, toys, and bandanas for sale at the Washington Street taproom.

Taysia Blue Rescue and Lola’s Rescue will have multiple dogs available for adoption throughout the day as well.

The annual Alpine Horn competition is back this year with two chances to win, once at 3 pm and another at 4 pm. Winners will get a beer holster filled with Festbier. All participants get to keep their alpine horn and signups the day of are encouraged as spots are limited!

Our Blake Street taproom will also release Festbier with the option to get it in full liters to keep the Oktoberfest theme going. CK Designs will host a pop-up to celebrate Art Rino from 3-5 pm and will have artwork on display and available for purchase.

Full Schedule:

Washington Street 1-8 pm

Fetch Photo Truck 2-5 pm

Taysia Blue & Lola's Rescues 2-6 pm

Alpine Horn Competition 3 & 4pm (signups start at 1pm)

Blake Street 1-10 pm

CK Designs 3-5pm


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