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April Happenings: Colorado Pint Day & Multiple New Releases!

We're getting into warm weather and LOVING IT! With both taprooms rockin', we have some upcoming releases that we're excited to share with you.

This Wednesday, April 7th, we are participating in the 6th Annual Colorado Pint Day! $1 of every glass goes to support the Colorado Craft Brewer Guild's mission to promote, protect, and propel independent craft breweries in the State of Craft Beer through advocacy, community, education, and public awareness. Designed by Brooks Engel of Nowhere Land Supply, this year's "Catch a Pint" theme incorporates elements of the outdoors and wildlife.

We will be giving away 12 glasses each day at both taprooms on April 7th, 8th and 9th. The first 12 people at both taprooms to get a full pour will get one of these limited edition glasses on Wednesday, Thursday, AND Friday.

This Saturday, April 10th is our 3rd release in our Single Cask Series: Double Cask Mr. Sandman. This imperial stout has been twice barrel-aged, giving it a powerful barrel characteristic that isn't overwhelming. First, it was aged in Colorado single malt barrels, then it was thrown into Tennessee whiskey barrels. Lots of wood flavors come out in this stout along with chocolate and a subtle hint of cinnamon, none of which were actually added to the beer! Founder Matt calls it, "pure deliciousness," and the whole team would have to agree. Double Cask Mr. Sandman will only be available on tap and in bottles at our Washington Street taproom.

P.S. River North Northers, this is one of your six bottles!!

The following release on Saturday, April 17th is a gin barrel-aged Fifteener. Fifteener is our double IPA, an IPA that has massive amounts of hops in it that we knew would go perfectly with gin barrels. It has been aging in gin barrels and is finally really to be released! Gin Barrel-Aged Fifteener will be available at both taprooms on April 17th.

The last release of April is an oldie that we decided to bring back: QDH Mountain Haze. Quadruple Hopped Mountain Haze is nothing to joke about; we've added all the hops to help you kickstart this beautiful weather. This release will also be at both taprooms!

One thing you can look forward to in May: Whose Bock? ...details to come ;)

As always, check our food truck schedule to see when our taprooms will have food trucks!


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