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A Spellbinding Barrel Aged Porter For Halloween

A dark beer that will successfully hold your attention as if through magic, Dark Sorceress, the spellbinding barrel-aged porter, is set to release for the first time ever as a barrel-aged version on Saturday, October 29th. Brewed with these darker, colder nights in mind, Barrel Aged Dark Sorceress will be available on draft and in bottles to-go at both taprooms.

Dark Sorceress was released for the first time late last year as a way to end the year in a big way…the true River North way. This year, the beer has been aging for ten months and used 1500 pounds of malt and grain to produce only eight barrels of the finished beer. After a five-hour boil, the porter took on huge chocolate, dark and roasty flavors while the Colorado Single Malt barrel added rich, smooth vanilla notes making it a well-rounded strong porter. This is meant to be a sipping beer at 15.9% ABV and will be available on draft as well as in 375ml bottles for $18 at the taprooms while the limited small batch lasts. Although no real spells will be cast on you, Dark Sorceress will present to you like magic.

This release is the fifth in our Vicennial Series, rounding out our massive seasonal set of barrel aged big beers. The Vicennial Series includes God Complex, Shadowman, Father Time and Last Guardian, all of which will be released at the taprooms on Saturday, November 12th.


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