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2X Mr. Sandman Releases: Toasted Coconut & Cinnamon, Vanilla Rum Barrel Aged

The next upcoming release is not one to miss with two new varieties of Mr. Sandman, making it a double release! These two variants will have you dreaming of beach days as both boast flavors that are reminiscent of a calm breeze and carefree day…tropical island with a sandy beach not included.

The first of the two Mr. Sandman releases is a Toasted Coconut Mr. Sandman. This imperial stout brewed with coconut is 12.1% ABV and is as robust as if a whole coconut was thrown into every bottle individually. Coconut lovers will rejoice and want a mini umbrella thrown into the glass of this sweet, yet not overpowering, robust stout. It is a dark, full bodied, smooth and milky coconut stout that you wouldn’t guess is an imperial stout just from the taste.

The second release is a stout with cinnamon and vanilla spices thrown into rum barrels. At 11.1% ABV, this is a well-balanced stout that will capture all of your senses within the very first sip. Right off the nose you’ll pick up on the cinnamon and vanilla with the rum characters coming in towards the end. This is going to be a difficult beer to sip as it’s too tasty! With the added spices of vanilla and cinnamon, this flavor bonanza of a rum barrel aged stout will be one you won’t want to miss out on.

Find both of these Mr. Sandman variants on tap and in 375ml bottles to go at both taprooms starting Saturday, August 21st.


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