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Hop-A-Tronic Makes its Return with New Hops!

Hazy, juicy, New England style…whatever you call those fruity, not so hop-forward IPA’s have been taking over the craft beer scene for awhile now and that’s not about to change anytime soon with the massive selection of hops that brewers are getting their hands into. We will be releasing Hop-A-Tronic for the first time in 2020 this Saturday, February 8th at high noon. On tap and in cans at both taprooms, this version of Hop-A-Tronic has new hops, changing the profile of the beer in the best way possible.

With two new hops, you’ll find this small batch of Hop-A-Tronic to be light and fruity, with flavors of pineapple and other tropical fruits to give it almost a pina colada taste to it perfect for warmer days when you don’t want a West Coast IPA.

This batch highlights Sabro hops which come from the mountains of New Mexico. Known for coconut, tropical fruit and tangerine aromas, Sabro hops are a fairly newer hop in the beer industry. With very complex flavors, Sabro is a great addition to the second hop: Galaxy. Galaxy has also been making hazy IPA’s taste fresher, fruitier and lighter.

Head to either taproom (3400 Blake Street OR 6021 N. Washington Street) Saturday, February 8th to get a taste of the newest double hazy IPA, Hop-A-Tronic. This is a limited release that won’t last long at the taproom or in your fridge, so be sure to pick up your six packs on Saturday.

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