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2020 Decennial Series with Pre-Order and Limited Edition Glassware

The beer is ready and it's time to release our 2020 Decennial Series on Saturday, December 5th! The Decennial Series is a four-bottle collection of different styles showcasing what we are best known for. Four big, bold beers, God Complex, Father Time, Shadowman and Last Guardian, will be available in 375ml bottles at both taprooms. All four can be purchased as a complete set with a limited edition glass (while supplies last) or the bottles can be purchased individually.

We will be selling full sets with a limited edition glass to go with the set this year as well as a special edition shirt that can be purchased separately. Pre-order your set with glassware on Black Friday, November 27th, for pickup on December 5th. Both taprooms will have a limited amount of glassware to go with the sets of four, so pre-ordering online is highly recommended to ensure you get the glass. Complete sets are $50. You can pre-order the set or individual bottles at starting November 27th at 12pm.

The set of four includes an Abbey-style Quadrupel, an Imperial Stout, a Barleywine, and a Golden Strong Ale. All boasting over 10% ABV, you will be pleased with each unique style. With more and more people staying home, this is the perfect set to include in a night of movies and zoom happy hours with friends. Or gift one for a friend this giving season!

A Belgian Quadrupel that gives way to a traditional Belgian style ale from the beginning all the way through to the end. A dark, amber/caramel body with head retention that won't distract you from the quaffable smell of booze, sweet raisins, cherries, and plums. It’s a subtle hint that you're in for a real treat. It is quite a treat, as you should pair this with your after-dinner dessert, sipping it to grasp all the flavors that consist of dark sugars, raisins, and stone fruit. Then there's the first sip, which will bring you even more raisin flavors, and a smooth, silk, and light mouthfeel that will hide how much alcohol may be in this big beer. The second you crack open a bottle you won’t be able to tell that it's a boozy beauty at 16% ABV, presenting itself well as a Belgian Quadrupel.

An imperial stout that’s as dark as night and as thick as motor oil. A deep, dark body with espresso colored head that lingers almost as long as the flavor profile sticks in your mind. With mostly chocolate on the nose covering up the booze, the first sip is dark chocolate, molasses, burnt sugar. A roast forward stout that doesn’t have any coffee in it but you’ll pick up subtle hints of espresso. This imperial stout will be one to remember for years to come and is meant for aging up to ten years if you’re able to wait that long.

16% ABV

A barleywine that is as old as time, meant to age for ten years but one that you won’t be patient enough to wait that long to drink up! This 15% ABV barleywine is a light caramel color with hardly any booze on the nose, but a bready nose that will have you craving more. It’s easy drinking with a light body, a smooth and an almost silky finish with flavors of honey and fruits.

15% ABV

A golden strong ale that might be last in our Decennial Series but is just as impressive as the other three. The lightest in color of the four, you’ll find this boozy golden ale to be easy drinking with spicy effervescent notes. Rich caramel spices will gather on your palate, begging for more until the whole bottle is empty and you need to grab another. Sitting at 16% ABV, you might want to be in the comfort of your home while drinking this full-bodied beer.

15% ABV

Both taprooms have been doing to-go beers with the option to preorder online as well as outdoor seating. For more information on food trucks, upcoming releases and other events check out our Facebook page, website, Instagram and Twitter.


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