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Fuel up Your Fall with Nightmare Fuel

It's October, 2019. The first snowfall is expected this week, the Fall foliage is in full swing and... stout beers are coming back!

Start your stout season with our 2019 Nightmare Fuel. Releasing Saturday, October 12th at noon sharp, both taprooms will have Nightmare Fuel and Barrel Aged Nightmare Fuel on tap and in bottles to go. Haven't had NF before?! Here's a little rundown of this beautiful creation:

Our award winning stout, Mr. Sandman, has done wonders for us in giving us many different ways to create a wide variety of different stout-styles. We've taken this imperial stout and added local coffee to give you a belly-warming, boastful brew. "Thunderstruck" by Logan House Coffee gives this stout a robust, caramel creamy head that lingers long enough to give you all those satisfying aromas of a ridiculously well done brew-combo of coffee and stout.

Regular Nightmare Fuel sits at a chill 11.9% ABV, while Barrel Aged Nightmare Fuel sits at 12.9% ABV.

You'll want to swing by and pick up a pair of these bottles before they run out for all your upcoming bottle shares and nights by the fire. Come see us at 3400 Blake Street or 6021 Washington Street at noon, Saturday October 12th.

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