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Single Cask Avarice: Colorado Whiskey

The next beer in our Single Cask series speaks to our roots.

On Saturday, May 11th, we’ll release Single Cask Avarice: Colorado Whiskey, utilizing the same type of barrel from our original recipe for Barrel Aged Avarice.

The Single Cask series showcases the best of our barrel-aging program, with each release originating from a single oak barrel hand-selected by our brewers for its breathtaking character. For this iteration, we aged Avarice in a local whiskey barrel for seventeen months – a record for this particular beer.

The result – Avarice, transcended. Thanks to our original house yeast strain, the base beer is remarkably dry and quaffable. Add a layer of oak and whiskey to round it out, and you get a deeply complex palate experience, unencumbered by the cloying sweetness that seems to dominate so many of today’s imperial stouts.

As with all Single Cask releases, River Norther Society members will receive one bottle included with their membership, reserved for pickup at their leisure. The remainder will be available to both members and the public on a first-come, first-served basis when we open at Noon on Saturday, May 11th. Snag up to six bottles at $12 each – with roughly a dozen cases allotted for the public release, we do expect this beer to sell out quickly. As always, we will have a limited amount on tap as well.

With four more Single Cask releases still to come this year, there’s lots more in the works! Stay tuned…



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