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2019 #SUPERSTOUT Party

Get ready, the #SUPERSTOUT Party goes down this Saturday! An epic celebration of big, bold, dark brews, we will have twelve imperial stouts on tap side by side – with more options available once the first kegs kick! Doors open at Noon with food by El Taco Veloz. As a reminder, we will also be filling Crowlers of anything on tap – no limits, first-come first-served until the beer runs out!

The opening taplist will include:

Anniversary Ale 6 - 13.7% ABV

Belgian-style imperial stout infused with Ghanan cacao nibs. Dry and earthy, like a cherry cordial for grownups. Originally released in February 2018 for our sixth anniversary.

Coconut Mr. Sandman – 12.9% ABV

Our signature American imperial stout with toasted coconut added. Smooth and silky with a vaguely nutty quality, this is our last keg of this beer!

2018 Rum Barrel Mr. Sandman – 12.9% ABV

American imperial stout aged in Caribbean dark rum casks. Oak-forward with a molasses finish and a well-masked strength.

2018 Shadowman (Decennial Series) – 15.3% ABV

Part of our series of super high-grav brews intended to age up to ten years. Motor oil thick and completely opaque, with a touch of sweetness to back up the boozy finish.

Barrel Aged DOUBLE Avarice – 19.46% ABV

The current record holder for strongest River North beer to date. A double-strength Belgian-style imperial stout – with insane drinkability - aged in Colorado bourbon barrels. Bottles sold out quickly at release, and this is one of two remaining kegs in the world.

2018 Barrel Aged Nightmare Fuel – 13.3% ABV

American imperial stout aged nearly a full year in bourbon barrels, then infused with locally roasted Logan House coffee. Beer, whiskey, coffee – it’s the total package.

2017 Barrel Aged Mr. Sandman – 13.2% ABV

American imperial stout aged in Colorado and Utah rye and whiskey barrels. A brewers’ favorite among our stouts, this is a no-nonsense, beer-on-oak-on-spirit classic.

Chai Mr. Sandman – 12.1% ABV

American imperial stout infused with a custom spice blend developed by our brewers specifically to match this beer. Dark roast collides with ginger, cardamom, clove, black pepper, cinnamon and vanilla.

Mr. Sandman XO – 13.1% ABV

A special one-time release of our American imperial stout aged 21 months in the absolute best Utah rye whiskey barrels. This “extra old” version of Sandman presents intensely barrel-forward – in a good way.

2018 Barrel Aged Avarice – 11.1% ABV

Our longest running barrel-aged stout, this Belgian-style brew is notoriously dry and quaffable. An annual winter classic we look forward to every year.

2017 Fancy Effing Stout – 10.8% ABV

A Belgian-style imperial stout aged in Manhattan cocktail barrels. Notes of vermouth and bitters play with Belgian esters for a beer like no other. One of two kegs remaining in the world!

2017 Barrel Aged Shadowman (Vicennial Series) – 15.7% ABV

The barrel-aged counterpart to Decennial Shadowman, this beast is built to withstand the test of time, with a recommended cellar time of up to twenty years. A truly special treat for stout lovers.

As the above kegs start to kick, we have other fine beers to back them up! Look forward to other gems like Single Cask Mr. Sandman: Gin Barrel, 2016 Barrel Aged Avarice, and 2016 Decennial II: Shadowman.

For a change of pace, we will also keep the following staples on tap:

River North White

Colorado IPA

Mountain Haze

Soiree: Raspberry

And finally, in addition to the above draft options, we will have the following bottles available. Bear in mind we have a case or less of most of these…

Single Cask Mr. Sandman: Port-Finished Whiskey – two bottles available for on-site consumption only

Anniversary Ale #6 – available to go

2017 Mr. Sandman – from batch #2, available to go

2017 Fancy Effing Stout – available to go

2017 Barrel Aged Avarice – available for on-site consumption only

Mr. Sandman XO – available to go

With such a vast array of #SUPERSTOUT available, Saturday is sure to be a good time – see you there!!!



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