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Chai Spice Mr. Sandman

Lately, we’ve been experimenting with new riffs on our imperial stouts, testing new flavor combinations with single-keg one-off beers, sharing a few of our favorites in the taproom. One fleeting iteration stood out above the rest, drinking so smooth and proving so striking we knew we had to recreate it on a full scale.

On Saturday, June 16th at Noon, we’ll unveil bottles of Chai Spice Mr. Sandman, an American imperial stout brewed with ginger, cardamom, clove, black pepper, cinnamon and vanilla. For the final recipe, our brewers created a custom spice blend specifically tailored to match the robust base of Mr. Sandman, our award-winning block-out-the-sun stout. Herbal chai notes envelop the staunch, roasty backbone of the beer, enhancing it with an uncanny, exotic complexity. You may have tried a chai beer before, but none that bring both spice and brew together on this level.

We’ll have Chai Mr. Sandman both on tap and in bottles to go, with food by our friends at El Taco Veloz. Snag up to a case for $10 per bottle. Only a few dozen cases will be distributed to Colorado stores, so if you want to stock up, your best bet is to come join us for the release party!

Cheers, and look forward to a lot more one-off experimental releases going forward.


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