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Single Cask Mr. Sandman: Port-Cask Whiskey

It is with great pleasure that we present the next installment in the Single Cask series, our taproom-only, hyper-limited lineup of beers designed to showcase the essence of a single spirit or wine barrel.

On Saturday, March 24th at Noon, we’ll release Single Cask Mr. Sandman: Port-Cask Whiskey! We took our legendary imperial stout and aged it in a single barrel that previously held port, then whiskey. The result is a jet-black, barrel-aged treat that draws complex nuances from both spirits that previously rested in this unique oak cask.

As with all our Single Cask releases, all River Norther Society members will get one reserved bottle included with their membership. The remainder will be available to both members and the public when we open at Noon on the 24th. We expect to have roughly fifteen cases for public sale. Snag up to four bottles per person at $12 each. While the beer will be available on draft, with only two five gallon kegs in existence, it won’t last long - Single Cask beers tend to go fast! Our friends at El Taco Veloz food truck will join us for the release party as well.

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