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Announcing The Vicennial Series!

This is it. The beers everyone, ourselves included, have been waiting for.

Late last year, we embarked on an ambitious new project, a three-part series of megabeers equipped to withstand the test of time – The Decennial Series.

This year, we take it a step further, with The Vicennial Series – three barrel-aged behemoths intended to age up to twenty years – a vicennium. All three Vicennial beers debut Saturday, November 25th at Noon in the taproom! They include:

Vicennial I: God Complex, an infallible abbey-style quadrupel fit for the daftest of monks, finishing at 17.6% ABV. Rich and warming with massive burnt caramel and toffee notes, God Complex presents like a fine port, with hints of vanilla layered on classic quad esters of figs, rum-raisin, and dates.

Vicennial II: Shadowman, a smoothly sinister block-out-the-sun-style stout at 15.7% ABV. Rife with notes of high-cacao dark chocolate and espresso with unfathomable depth, this enigmatic stout veils its true bite behind a mask of copious dark roast.

Vicennial III: Father Time, a dapper old ale coming in at 16.0% ABV. The quintessential style intended for aging, creamy and nutty with a dessert-like fruity nose, light chocolate notes and a striking balance of barrel and malt.

We’ll have all three beers on tap and in bottles to go ($15 each, limit six per style), serving as the perfect finale to Thanksgiving weekend. As a bonus, we also have a stash of Decennial beers from last year – essentially, the non-barrel-aged versions.

Those will also be on tap and available in bottles to go ($12 each, limit six per style). For the release party, our friends at RagBag Bistro will bring the grub.

As some of our most coveted and ambitious brews, both Decennial and Vicennial beers will only be available in the taproom. Any leftovers will be saved for future verticals. Wax-dipped by hand, Vicennial bottles make perfect gifts for serious beer hoarders.

After Vicennial, we still have two more releases for the year! On December 9th we’ll drop both Mr. Sandman and Barrel Aged Mr. Sandman. Then on December 30th, we’ll round out the Single Cask program with a limited release of Tripel aged in a Manhattan cocktail barrel!

Finally, The Vicennial Series release also falls on Small Business Saturday. As independent brewers entirely dependent on the support of the local community, we can’t thank you enough for your faith and patronage throughout the years. By shopping small, you help keep the beer flowing!



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