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The Droppenberg Party (Hoppenberg release) Sat, July 9th!

There’s one beer that has been missing from our taplist since we reopened. You know what I’m talking about: Hoppenberg.

Our infamous Belgian Double IPA just takes a little longer than our other core beers. And now it’s almost ready, fresher and better than ever!

On Saturday, July 9th, we’ll host The Droppenberg Party, a celebration of the marriage of delicate Belgian yeast and bold American hops. To provide the freshest IPA experience possible, Hoppenberg will be kegged and bottled less than 24 hours before the release. Bottles will cost $6 each with no limit.

Aggressively hopped with Columbus, Cascade and El Dorado, with even more El Dorado added during dry-hopping, Hoppenberg bursts with notes of pineapple, grapefruit and fresh melon, yet finishes dry for a lingering bitterness. Back in 2012, Hoppenberg was the first high-alcohol beer we ever brewed, and our first bottle release. There’s a reason it’s held a special place in our hearts and livers throughout the years.

A note about availability: in the past, we brewed Hoppenberg year round. This time around we’re taking a different approach. Hoppenberg will now only be brewed once per quarter, in batches of less than 15 barrels. This means it will be significantly more limited, both on tap here and in bottles around town.

So if you miss this release, you’re shit out of luck ‘til October, when we’ll host “Dropp it like it’s Hopp.”



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