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The Decennial Series: A Gift for Beer Lovers

It’s time to get serious with your beer cellar. On Saturday, December 10th at Noon, we will release a timeless trifecta of beers intended for aging up to ten years - The Decennials. Featuring…

Decennial I: God Complex (Quadrupel). This infallible Abbey-style quadrupel could only have been brewed by the daftest of monks.

Decennial II: Shadowman (Imperial Stout). An obligatory block-out-the-sun-style stout, brewed with 10 bushels of barley per glass. OK, not really, but it sounds good.

Decennial III: Father Time (Old Ale). The series wouldn’t be complete without the original ale for aging. Move over barleywine, your dapper, elder English brother is about to take the stage.

While all three are downright tasty now, the real aim here is to witness firsthand how proper cellaring can further develop a beer over time. The Decennials will continue to mature until 2026, offering a new sensory experience every time you crack a bottle.

This trilogy is the culmination of the nearly five years spent in pursuit of ales that push the limits. Each Decennial is above 15% ABV, to stand the test of time.

All three beers drop together at the release party on Saturday the 10th. For the first time, we will offer cellar-ready wax-dipped bottles in addition to draft pours.

The Decennial Series will only release once per year, and given their high octane nature, each batch yields less finished beer; plus, we intend to hold a good number of cases for future verticals at the brewery.

What we’re saying is, these beers will be limited! For a guaranteed bottle of each, plus a Decennial taster flight, snag an advance ticket here. On release day, you can add additional bottles for up to $12 each, with a maximum of six per style. While you do not need a ticket to attend the event or enjoy any of our beers on tap, purchasing one does guarantee you at least one bottle and taster of all three beers.

This is our last release party of the year, and…clearly…we’re going out with a bang. We’ll have Roadrunner food truck on site with New Mexican street food, beers both new and classic pouring all day, and all your favorite River North crew hanging out.

Tickets here - $40 for three bottles plus three tasters ($45 value).



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