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The River Norther Society

Locals, friends and fellow RiNo castaways, we challenge you to Go Norther. Beyond the land of luxury living and shiny high rises, to a simpler place - River Norther.

For us, it was never about being in the hippest part of town. It was, and always has been about making the best damn beer we could. So today, we’re launching a new fellowship for our most loyal friends, fans, and confidants - the River Norther Society.

Part secret order, part treehouse oligarchy, we are a merry band of beer-imbibing brethren. For only $40, become a River Norther-er for the remainder of the year. Membership perks include:

  • Exclusive use of brand new massive 22-ounce goblets in the taproom. (Yes, pour sizes vary…we like you too much to ask you to down a bomber’s worth of our heavy hitters.)

  • A super-incognito official membership card

  • $1 off each and every full pour from here ‘til the end of the year

  • Invitation to our annual members-only conclave soiree around the holidays

  • One free or discount crowler per month. That’s right, we just added a brand new crowler machine. Once per month, get a low-grav crowler for free, a high-grav for $8, or any barrel-aged crowler for $16. Certain barrel-aged beers may be excepted (like B’Side Quandary, as we only have one keg).

  • First dibs on the 2017 River Norther Society, to be introduced in January.

Signups start Thursday, September 22nd at 4pm, in person in the taproom, with only a scant 100 spaces available.

See you up Norther!



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