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19.5% ABV Barrel Aged Avarice Releases May 15th

We weren't kidding when we said we wanted to produce giant, imperial beers. Our newest concoction clocks in at 19.5% ABV, and will be released this Saturday, May 15th at both taprooms. You won't even believe that this imperial stout is almost 20% ABV, AND you can pre-order your bottles for pickup at both taprooms starting this Friday!

You might want to take a second, or a significantly longer amount of time, to enjoy this imperial stout that boasts some really robust flavors. After aging for months in whiskey barrels, you can’t miss the chocolate, woody, oak flavors that conclude this super smooth, way too easy drinking Barrel Aged Double Avarice. All flavors come from the beer and the barrels themselves as there are no added adjuncts…who needs them anyways?!

We are selling pre-orders of Barrel Aged Double Avarice on our online store along with the option to get a 4 pack that includes their limited release Single Cask Barrel Aged Avarice, released (and sold out) earlier this year. Pre-orders will be available for pick up at both taprooms on Friday, the day before the official release but are available for pre-order on their online store today.

Both taprooms, 6021 N. Washington Street and 3400 Blake Street will have Barrel Aged Double Avarice on tap and in bottles to go. Bottles will be $16.00 while supplies last and 4 packs will be available until sold out.


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