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The Last Single Cask of 2020 and Your Chance for a Norther Membership!

We will release the last Single Cask of 2020 this Friday, December 11th at our North Washington Street taproom. This marks the end of another year’s worth of Single Cask releases, highlighting six beers barrel-aged in six different barrels that have been released throughout the entire year.

We began our barrel program with our Single Cask series which also introduced the Norther Society. The Norther Society is an annual membership that gets you six Single Casks released throughout the year, discounts on beers at the taprooms, merch discounts, members-only newsletters, and a Facebook group that keep everyone connected with the whole River North Brewery Norther community. It is a truly rewarding community full of beer lovers indulging in barrel-aged beers together, even when it has to be virtually together. In a typical year the Norther Society ends the year with a holiday party that includes rare and aged River North Brewery beers that you can’t find anywhere else, but this year they will be getting an extra Single Cask bottle, a virtual holiday party, and a couple of other special surprises that they can look forward to. The Norther Society is limited, so make sure you don't wait on grabbing one when they’re available!

The last Single Cask of 2020 is a Colorado Whiskey Barrel Aged J. Marie. J. Marie is an imperial saison and the added barrel flavors have made this a holiday treat! You will find a deep, caramel-colored beer with light Belgian esters and caramel on the nose. Belgian, banana, and a subtle whiskey flavor partake in this light bodied beer that sits at 10.1% ABV.

Current Norther’s are able to renew their memberships starting December 11th, at the North Washington Street taproom, while those wanting to join this coveted Society can sign up for a limited time only during the River North Brewery Cellar Sale on December 19th. The membership will open up to anyone again on January 9th for the first release of the Single Cask of 2021.


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