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The Only Beer Membership You Need for 2023

IMPROVED for 2023!

BETTER Discounts


UPGRADED Exclusive Glassware

Six Limited Edition Single Cask Bottles

Norther Holiday Party

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Do your friends know you as the beer hoarder? Always talking about the latest beers you’ve stashed away and bragging about how many rare bottles you have in your cellar? OR maybe you’re just looking for the friendliest place in town to call your “Cheers” bar and want the hook-up on beer deals. Whatever the case may be, the Norther Society and – for the true zealots – the Noble Norther Society should be on your list of brewery memberships to be a part of.

Our Norther Society has continued to grow over the years and is full of beer fanatics that have become part of the River North family. Some members have been a part of the Society since day one, and some are brand new to the Colorado craft beer scene, even Colorado itself! No matter what your story is the Norther Society is one of the most welcoming beer clubs out there. We’d love to have you be a part of it.

When you join the Norther Society, not only are you becoming part of a whole crew that gathers at the taprooms to talk about life over some beers, but you will also get a whole plethora of perks. Most notably, each Norther receives reserved bottles from the renowned Single Cask program. Our Single Cask program has been built around our Norther Society members, who receive six different Single Cask bottles throughout the year, each one aged in a single oak cask just for you. 2023 kicks off with our GABF award-winning Hello Darkness aged in Leopold Bros. Bottled in Bond Bourbon! Staggered throughout the year you will find other classics such as Dubbel aged in Basil Hayden, J. Marie aged in Cabernet, Dark Sorceress aged in Knob Creek, and Double Avarice aged in Colorado Rye Whiskey. Included in the membership is complimentary cellar storage until February 2024 for all Single Cask bottles.

If bottles aren’t enough to persuade you, there are plenty of taproom bonuses for a Norther. New for 2023, Northers receive 20% off draft beer all day, every day, all year long at either taproom! Wednesdays are HALF OFF all draft beer. Northers enjoy the use of exclusive glassware while in the taprooms, including NEW 20 oz. pours of any full-pint beer. And last but not least 10% off all to-go beer (new for 2023) and merchandise.

To cap off the year, we host our annual Norther Holiday Party complete with free pours, free tastings from vintage bottles, snacks, great banter, and maybe even an impromptu speech or two.

Northers and Noble Northers can stay in touch with River North via an exclusive Facebook group and newsletter that gives them the inside scoop on what releases are coming up and other events specific to the memberships.

Current Northers and Noble Northers can sign up beginning Friday, November 25th

Those interested in joining can sign up beginning Friday, November 25th as well but will be limited to the first 50 people.

2023 Norther Membership $125

2023 Noble Norther Membership $399


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