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SUPER STOUT Weekend is Here!

Heads up!! Stout Month IS. NOT. OVER.

Stouts can fit every occasion, any time of the year, and we feel that we have proven that with the vast array of stouts that we have released throughout the past nine years. This year, our annual Super Stout event will be a weekend-long adventure through stouts of all kinds.

Starting Friday, March 5th both taprooms will have a stout tap takeover with a lineup that you won’t want to miss! Showcasing stouts over five years old to some more recently released stouts, you will find a mix of barrel-aged stouts, some even double barrel-aged, along with adjunct stouts, tried and true stouts, and many more to be released throughout the weekend. The list will be changing as we announce what and when every stout will be tapped, which can be followed on our social media pages.

Food trucks will help you stay fired up and keep the booze at bay during Super Stout, adding to the robust beer menu, giving you something other than beer to fill your belly with. Washington Street’s taproom will have Go Green Gourmet posted up from 12-7pm on Saturday, offering a wide variety of food options. The Blake Street taproom will have food trucks all three days, with a special brunch offering from Big Bear Cheesesteaks for Super Stout Sunday. Friday’s food truck is El Chuletazo Grill, Saturday’s truck is Fiorini’s Lil Cucina, and Sunday’s is Big Bear Cheesesteaks.

Big Bear Cheesesteaks is a new food truck in town offering up customizable, classic cheesesteaks. They are offering a brunch special with $1 of every special going towards Wildlife Animal Sanctuary. The brunch special is a cheesesteak omelet with fries, pasta salad, and fruit cup for $11.

Here's what will be on tap at both taprooms starting Friday!

Washington Street

Barrel Aged Long Island Mr. Sandman

Single Cask Mr. Sandman

Irish Whiskey Mr. Sandman

Chocolate Coconut Mr. Sandman

2019 Mr. Sandman

Anniversary 9

Raspberry Chocolate Mr. Sandman

Dark Chocolate Mr. Sandman

2020 Barrel Aged Avarice

2020 Barrel Aged Nightmare Fuel

and of course, I Miss The Holidays Blonde, Colorado IPA, Pilsner and Mountain Haze for those non-stout fans.

Blake Street

Milk Chocolate Mr. Sandman

Barrel Aged Avarice

Anniversary 9

Chocolate Coconut Mr. Sandman

Vanilla Avarice

Barrel Aged Double Avarice

Long Island Barrel Aged Mr. Sandman

Single Cask Mr. Sandman

Taplists will change as kegs kick!


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