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April is Barleywine Month

There's a first for everything, and we can't believe we haven't celebrated Barleywine Month ever before! This bold and flavorful style of beer has been around for centuries, and it’s definitely a favorite among craft beer enthusiasts, ourselves included.

So, what is barleywine? Barleywine is a strong, full-bodied ale that is brewed with a higher ratio of malt than other beers. It’s typically higher in alcohol content (ranging from 8-14%....except if you're River North ;) ) and has a sweet, malty flavor profile with notes of dark fruit, toffee, and caramel.

Barleywine is traditionally served in a snifter glass, allowing the warmth and aroma to mingle with the malt and hop flavors. It’s a perfect beer for sipping, and it’s especially great for slow sipping during the cold winter months, or in April when the weather could be 70 degrees OR a blizzard..who knows!

Here's the lineup for 2023 Barleywine Month:

April 1st: 2023 Decennial Father Time AND 2023 Bucket of Bolts

Both of these OG's are not barrel aged so you can start the month with tried and true barleywines that we love.

April 8th: Barrel-Aged Bucket of Bolts with Spirit Hound barrels showcasing a really great Colorado brewery and distillery collaboration.

April 15th: Vintage Barleywine tapping. We will have a bunch of vintage barleywines such as Vicennial Father Time, Colorado Strong, and so many more on tap for the whole weekend.

April 22nd: Single Cask Bucket of Bolts (only at the Washington Street taproom). This barleywine has been aged in port cask finish single malt whiskey barrels.

April 29th: Double Barrel Aged Father Time...need we say more? Stay tuned for more details on this beastly barleywine (it's 18.3% ABV), but mark your calendar now for this incredible twice-barrel-aged barleywine.

Barleywine Month is the perfect time to explore this truly unique beer style. Whether you’re a fan of the classic English Barleywine or prefer the more modern American Barleywine, now is the time to grab a bottle (or two) and start exploring. Every week we will be releasing new barleywines. You're going to have to make it a point to come by the taprooms multiple times as there isn't a single barleywine you'll want to miss.


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