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Belgian Beer Celebration

On Saturday, July 21st, we’re kicking it back to our Belgian brewing roots in a celebration of Belgian Independence Day! Dubbed the Belgian Beer Celebration, join us for a brand new barrel-aged release, plus 15 additional Belgian-style beers on tap, frites, waffles & more!

The centerpiece of the party will be the next installment in our Single Cask Series, beers designed to showcase the essence of a single barrel. For this iteration, we took J. Marie, our imperial saison, and aged it in a single Chardonnay cask. While the beer rested, we also added pinor noir grape must, resulting in a fusion of wine and beer sure to please lovers of both. As with all Single Cask releases, we will have it on tap and in bottles to go; River Norther Society members will get one bottle reserved with their membership, with the rest available when doors open at Noon ($12 each, limit 6 per person).

And that’s just the start! All sixteen taps will be pouring Belgian-inspired beers, with every beer available in bottles or Crowlers to go! Including:

2016 Whiskey Barrel Quandary (11.1% ABV): Abbey-style quadrupel aged in Colorado whiskey and Utah rye barrels. Originally released in July of 2016, this is the oldest vintage of any beer on tap for the party.

2017 Whiskey Barrel Quandary (11.1% ABV): Abbey-style quadrupel aged in Colorado whiskey and bourbon. Try both vintages side-by-side!

Single Cask J. Marie: Port-Finished Whiskey (10.1% ABV): Imperial saison aged in a barrel that first held port, then whiskey. A remarkable blend of notes from both barrels. One keg only!

2016 Decennial I: God Complex (15.6% ABV): Abbey-style superquad intended for aging up to ten years (a decennium). Bottled and kegged December 2016; limited bottles available by request.

2017 Vicennial I: Barrel Aged God Complex (17.6% ABV): Abbey-style superquad aged in bourbon and rye barrels, intended for aging up to twenty years (a vicennium). Bottled and kegged November 2017; limited bottles available by request.

2017 Rum Barrel Quandary (10.9% ABV): Abbey-style quadrupel aged in Caribbean dark rum barrels. Like a rum raisin cookie…but for adults.

Saison Conspiracy Noir (9.1% ABV): Dark saison aged in Cabernet barrels with syrah grape must. A collaboration with Funkwerks, this one presents like a chocolate-infused wine. Kegged September 2016.]

Anniversary Ale 6 (13.7% ABV): Belgian-style imperial stout with cacao nibs from Ghana. Like a semi-sweet dark chocolate cherry cordial.

Quandary (9.6% ABV): Our classic Abbey-style quadrupel, a River North staple since 2012.

Avarice (9.3% ABV): Belgian-style imperial stout, bone dry and dark as a starless Rocky Mountain night. Another beer we’ve been brewing since Year One.

J. Marie (8.1% ABV): Imperial saison rife with essences of stonefruit on a pleasant malty foundation. The beer that started it all, one of our founder’s original recipes, J. Marie is named for his wife Jessica.

Tripel (9.2% ABV): Classic Abbey-style tripel, utilizing a traditional Trappist strain. Dry and drinkable, with only one keg available!

River North White (5.0% ABV): Our flagship Belgian brew, White has been a River North juggernaut since they day our taproom opened. A Belgian wit sans orange peel and coriander, showcasing our original house yeast strain.

FarmHouse (4.6% ABV): Belgian-style table saison. We let the yeast run wild, creating a full-flavored ester-driven session beer. The perfect change of pace.

*BONUS* Cherry Quandary (9.6% ABV): Our Abbey-style quadrupel infused with a blend of sweet and tart cherries. Never before released, this is a specialty keg created specifically for this event!

For fans of other Belgian-inspired classics like Unified Theory or Barrel Aged Avarice, we will also have those available in bottles.

Finally, the party wouldn’t be complete without some festive food options! We will have G. Wagon on site with Belgian-style frites and sausages, plus, fresh baked stroopwafels (delicious and geometrically satisfying wafer cookies) from Katie & Good Sugar Baking!

See you Saturday the 21st, and Proost!


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